The Culture of Service is an attitude and a commitment, but most of all it’s a decision. Common customer service training programs rely on seminars and buzzwords that all too often produce short-term results. The Culture of Service provides effective long-term results by developing the proper service habits that are easy to understand and most importantly, simple to execute.


Star Performance Benefits:

  • We will improve service delivery, service scores and most importantly, customer loyalty.

  • We incorporate small, “bite-sized”, learning focus topics, which make it easy for front-line service providers to understand and implement.

  • Simply put, our process is the most cost-effective program available today.

  • It drives critical service attitudes and actions to the front-line service providers.

  • Your team will develop success habits that will quickly become a natural service instinct.

  • It reduces employee turnover because they have full confidence in their service abilities.


Unique Attributes:

  • It’s a service system, not another service seminar.

  • Team members help build the service model which leads to an increased level of “ownership”.

  • Once developed, it only takes 15-20 minutes per week to implement.

  • There are customized focus topics and actions to fit the service culture of the organization.

  • Models the Ben Franklin process for developing successful habits that convert knowledge into action.

  • This develops internal service leaders, champions and trainers.



  • We review and analyze the current service program and access what’s working and what’s not.

  • We brainstorm with line associates and leaders to determine the topics, actions and attitudes to build into the program.

  • We fully design the thirteen-week, customized topic content.

  • We then train your leaders via a live training session or interactive webinar training tool.

  • Your leaders launch!

  • We provide a weekly topic review and a quarterly recap of your service results.

  • We continuously innovate, update and reinvigorate the team and the program.

  • We measure and celebrate your success.

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