Debbie Van Ravenhorst, Regional Vice President

Helms Briscoe


"I have known Bob Anderson for over 20 years. Bob is very ethical and trustworthy. I value his knowledge and expertise and have incorporated his systems into my team's selling process. Many times I simply reach out to him for advice. His people skills are exceptional which is what makes him such a great entrepreneur. Bob also knows how to bring “fun” into the work place and still get the job done. I truly appreciate Bob and would recommend him to anyone."

Wendy Ferrill, Managing Director, Worldwide Sales, N.A.
Best Western International | The World’s Biggest Hotel Family®

Gloriann Kueter, Director of Sales and Marketing
Regency Hotel Management

Front Desk Reservation Sales Training


"We operate several hotels and resorts, and we find that Star Performance reservations sales training is excellent and has helped us set a high selling standard for our front desk sales representatives. Ensuring that our associates are using the selling techniques they are trained to apply, we ask Star Performance to shop our representatives. At the end of each shopping call, the representative is evaluated and coached, which really reinforces to our front desk representatives how important every incoming guest phone call is and that every inquiry call can become a converted reservation, or in our words a ‘special future guest’."

Building the Pipeline Sales Training


"When we saw how fast the economy was slipping the 4th quarter of 2008, and how negatively it was impacting our group reservations at all our hotels and resorts, I contacted Bob Anderson at Star Performance to ask for help. Bob’s Building the Pipeline Sales Training specifically focuses on prospecting and has been critical to our portfolio of hotels surviving this recession.  We require all our directors of sales and sales managers at every property to participate in the Pipeline Sales program and I’m very proud to say that our sales professionals have booked several million dollars of new business. I am a believer; Bob’s Pipeline Selling process works, I guarantee it!"

"Bob Anderson’s education seminars and sales training sessions have been highly regarded and attended by our member hoteliers. His strategic, practical sales insights can help any hotel maximize revenue by making the most of even the leanest sales staff. What's more, his passion and enthusiasm are a fantastic motivator for those he trains. Education and entertainment in one package is pretty hard to beat."

Tom Escalante, Director of Sales & Marketing
ClubHouse Inn & Suites
Topeka, Kansas

James Arnold, GM
Clubhouse Inn & Suites
Topeka, Kansas

"I appreciate the professionalism, focus & discipline of the interactive sessions led by Bob Anderson, which result in a continued, targeted and results oriented sales effort."

Debborah Latka
Two Harbors Enterprises
Avalon, California

"You’re a man committed to service which is emulated each week with a smile. Bob you keep things alive and motivated. Your professionalism and integrity speak louder than just words alone; we look forward to each session, whether it is once a week or every other. Awesome job!"

"Bob Anderson has a very unique way of bridging the gap between those who have limited sales experience to those of us who have been in sales for many years.  The approach allows everyone to grow at their own pace but still offering positive direction.

Bob’s approach is to deal with honor and respect for all those we come in contact with on a daily basis. He is an extremely good fit and Bob has truly made apositive impact with his Building the Sales Pipeline Revolution program.  I have been with Bob since the inception of this program for our company and have witnessed measurable progress for all participants.

I continue to look extremely forward to partnering with Bob on a long term basis regarding the direction of our hotel."


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