Successful organizations rely on well-thought-out and well-executed Business Plans to guide their day-to-day operations. Yet we continue to find businesses that do not have a Plan in place. Some simply do not know how to put an effective Plan together. And others do not believe that it’s worthwhile to invest the time and effort to develop a Plan – “it takes too much time” and/or “it just sits on a shelf and never gets used” are the two excuses that some less-than-successful operators use. STAR Performance firmly believes in the adage “Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail”. But Plans must be done right and we have the right experience and proven abilities to walk a business through the proper stages of Plan development. We also have built in the oversight necessary to make sure a Plan is executed properly, as well as the methods to measure a Plan’s success against established goals, so that it is constantly updated. A successful Plan is a living, breathing document that should never gather dust; successful Plans are dog-eared from being used, reviewed and revised. STAR Performance believes in these three steps: Analyze, Organize and Materialize. Success inevitably follows those that follow these steps and plan and execute well.


STAR Performance Benefits:

  • Focus: The ability to help a property’s team to objectively examine their product and services, as well as that of the competition and the market overall; and to identify the available opportunities and to do the right things at the right time, consistently.

  • Efficiency and Productivity: The ability to put that focus into action and develop a Plan, and to prioritize the time and dollars invested in building revenues.

  • Profitability: The ability to closely monitor and evaluate all activities and programs, and determine what’s working and what’s not, and in the end, to deliver the most results at the least expense.

  • Motivation: The ability to attract and retain the best, most productive talent in the market through the implementation of proven systems, programs and recognition of results.


Unique Attributes:

  • STAR Performance has the experience and takes the time to develop a customized, detailed Plan for each property/business it works with.

  • STAR Performance is a true partner throughout the process; it does not use “hit-and-run” tactics with its training and programs; it has a vested interest in the success of the Plan, and continues to manage, direct, tweak, support and recognize the property’s results for the duration of the relationship.

  • STAR Performance’s programs help develop solid leaders and good, solid business people, with the business owner reaping the benefits.

  • STAR Performance provides detailed goals and plans, as well as clear documentation and communication of results, so that an owner has a scorecard and is aware of their business’ results at all times.


The STAR Performance Step-By-Step Process:


  • We complete a deep and detailed analysis of the property, which includes an audit of the sales and catering department and the production levels of all available channels of business.

  • We then analyze the key competition and the entire market and document the findings.

  • A realistic summary comparison is completed with the result being an objective and realistic Positioning Statement for the property.



  • The Sales & Catering structure is examined and where applicable, adjustments are made and realignment is completed.

  • An improved team member selection process is implemented with the key managers and property leaders being trained on hiring the right people for the right position.

  • Time and meetings management training and guidelines are put in place to increase overall efficiency and productivity.

  • Goals and budgets are developed, communicated, implemented and monitored frequently.

  • An extensive Marketing Plan is developed and implemented with detailed activities outlined, responsibilities assigned, timelines established, expenses relating to budgets and ROI developed, and with all being focused entirely on improving both the top line and the bottom line.

  • Key revenue-generating team members are given appropriate training, starting with general sessions, and including one-on-ones as needed, as well as ongoing, aftercare programs being developed based on the property’s needs, focus and results. Property leadership is given additional training in managing for results, as well as how to build a strong team and develop future business leaders.



  • Implementation of an aggressive, action-oriented Plan is the key to not only surviving the inevitable industry downturns, but in maximizing profitability and asset value at all times.

  • Reports and metrics are established and introduced to clearly measure all key business indicators with the emphasis to look for progress against the plans and budgets, as well as to look for developing trends that need to be addressed in future plans and forecasts.

  • STAR Performance believes in the adage “inspect what you expect” and continues to monitor, coach and counsel based on expected results. Again, STAR does not hit-and-run.

  • Managers are trained in proper management techniques, with one of the most important ones being to evaluate their team members, and to improve communications, to provide proper and frequent feedback, and most of all, to show trust and support and the desire for them to succeed.

  • When positive results are achieved, proper recognition programs are in place to recognize and reward those that exceed expectations.

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