Do customers still pick up the phone to book a reservation or buy a product? Yep, they sure do!


It’s true that frequent business travelers that are brand loyal go online to book their reservations. However, there is an equally significant and growing segment of the population who prefers to talk with a live person. In fact, there are many consumers who use the Internet as more of a research tool than a booking or buying tool. They sort through the available options and then call the two or three properties that they want to discuss the product and service with. Based on the flow of that call, they make their buying decision. We train your staff on how and why customers make that decision, and how to sell your property to earn the customer’s business.


Star Performance Benefits:

  • We increase your top line revenues.

  • We help you convert more property call and walk-in inquiries into cash paying customers.

  • We provide training that is cost-effective, motivational and fun.

  • We improve your prospect's first impression and set the stage for a positive customer service experience.

  • Our process provides you a detailed, objective tool to measure each team member’s actions and results.

  • We help you create a positive level of expectation regarding reservation selling and customer service.

  • Our mystery shop calls let you hear how your team sounds to the customer.


Unique Attributes:

  • It’s cost-effective (One new reservation per month per property pays for the program).

  • We customize the reservation call evaluation to measure what you want to measure, not what you are told to measure.

  • We provide coaching on every call, which provides you immediate feedback to ensure that the team member will be better on the next call.

  • Each call is recorded, then sent to the property within 24 hours of the call, allowing onsite leaders to coach and train your front line sales people.

  • We deliver a month-end report, which helps you compare each team member and each property’s selling results.


Our Steps:

  • We pre-shop each property to analyze the current reservations selling process.

  • Working with you and your leaders, we develop the criteria and the reservations flow that will be trained and measured.

  • We then train the staff using a live, on-site training session or an interactive webinar.

  • We then begin to shop the staff four to six times per month targeting a variety of shifts and using realistic customer call scenarios.

  • Based on the shop call results, we retrain and reinforce the selling process with the team on a monthly and quarterly basis.

  • Periodically, we adjust the reservations criteria to keep the program and the process fresh and effective.

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