Hiring the right speaker can be stressful. What if…


The speaker you hire turns out to be boring, uninformed or even “over-the-top?”


Your event does not go well and you have to deal with the “not so good” feedback?


Special events and training seminars are important to your organization, your employees and of course, to you.


You need a speaker that knows what they are talking about is fun to listen to and motivates your team to want to actually implement the new ideas that they learned.


Our featured speaker and consultant, Bob Anderson, can be just what you are looking for. Bob has presented to numerous companies and associations and always receives rave reviews.


Bob can either customize any one of the listed topics or build a new training program to fit your specific needs.

Key Note Topics


1.   "Customers Like Us,They Just Don't Love Us."

Managers learn to build a service culture

2.   It's A Show! Service That Creates Loyal Customers.
Employees learn effective service skills

3.   Taking The Customer From "MAD" To "GLAD."
Employees learn to uncover, own and solve customers' problems.

4.   Empowerment That Actually Empowers People.
Employees learn to act with confidence.

5.  "Why Don't They Do What They Know They Should Do?"
Leaders learn how to lead better.

6.   Racing Against The Clock: Time and Life Management.
Managers learn to motivate themselves and accomplish more each day.

7.  Converting Call Inquiries Into Paying Customers.
Front office and reservations sales agents learn how to convert more call-in and walk-in inquiries in to booked reservations at higher rates.

8.   Building Your Sales Pipeline.
Learn how to uncover more sales opportunities and close more and better business.


Each presentation will include some form of walk-away, action planning tool to help implement what has been learned.

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