There are many sales people that confuse “selling” with “selling.” What we mean is that many sales people believe that selling is “schmoozing.” Most sales people have learned how to build relationships with qualified prospects and customers. No argument that this is an important skill. BUT, there is a large percentage of sales people who don’t like the most important part of selling, which is the mastery and love (Yes, the LOVE) of prospecting for new business. This is the action that separates average producers from sales Star Performers.


The Main Reasons Sales People Don’t Like To Prospect 

There is an inherent fear of rejection and prospecting for new business can appear to be hard work. Finally, most don’t have a systematic approach to prospecting. They lack a system or real plan that works in today’s high tech, “I’m busy and don’t bother me” world.


Star Performance Benefits:

  • We will help you improve new top-line revenues.

  • You will outsell your competition.

  • Your sales team will experience increased overall productivity.

  • We provide a detailed process to help you and your leaders measure sales teams activities and successes.


Unique Attributes: 

  • It’s a system, not a seminar.

  • We provide a complete, hands-on, follow-through service that converts the new knowledge into action.

  • The system is customized to your market and business culture.

  • We help salespeople face and overcome common prospecting FEARS, WORRIES and WALLS.

  • An average “prospector” will outsell a great “schmoozer” every time.


Our Step-by-Step Process:

  • We analyze your current prospecting system using our eight-point checklist.

  • We determine what needs to be fixed and what’s working.

  • We train the team to understand the Building The Pipeline six-step system.

  • We help your team to develop their message of “uniqueness” that will compel prospects to want to talk with them.

  • We review your target market and make sure the sales team is working the best leads.

  • Then we launch and then we measure.

  • We incorporate a weekly tracking call or webinar to monitor all actions, activities, results and revenues.

  • We make the needed adjustments and keep moving forward.

  • You succeed and succeed some more.

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