Increase revenues? 
Improve your customer service levels?  
Reduce high turnover costs?

The Star Performance system is based on the important fact that it all begins with hiring the right person for the job.  It is followed by equipping them with the tools and the training that they need in order to succeed, measuring their progress based on clearly defined goals and expectations, rewarding them for their success and correcting behavior that does not support the business goals.

Increase Revenues

We’ve generated millions of dollars in new revenue for our current customers. Find out how we can help you increase overall sales revenues for your hotels through our Building the Sales Pipeline and our Sales and Marketing Consulting Program. Put the hospitality back into your front line sales. Discover our new method of training, measuring and rewarding your team to increase your Reservations Sales at each one of your properties.

Improve Service


Can You Relate To This? You realize your service levels are not where you want them to be. You hire a company to train your staff. After an intensive training session they return to the workplace FIRED up and ready to conquer the world. Within days that newfound commitment, focus, and energy is lost. Unfortunately, the old service habits return. Nothing changes other than a lower balance in your checkbook. Learn how our groundbreaking Culture of Service is different and measurably delivers long-term and cost-effective service results.

Reduce Turnover


Have you ever hired the wrong person for the wrong reason? Have you ever lost a “superstar” to your competition? The S.T.A.R. Pillars of hire, train, measure and reward will greatly minimize these common and costly business problems. Our four-step approach helps you avoid future business headaches.


Star Performance, Inc. was founded in 1995 based on discussions with a group of our peers in the hospitality industry indicating that training was desperately needed. That is not just training for training's sake, but training that is customized to each organization and will provide each employee with the knowledge to perform their jobs with core competencies that lead to associate confidence. This requires training that is interactive, fun and productive.

"The ability to inspire people to not only listen, but participate in sessions that were interactive, informative and fun, is only one of the ingredients that makes Star Performance, Inc. a leader in their field." 

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